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Amrita Virk, a punjabi folk vocalist.She has a deep sense of music and has gifted a unique captivating vocal quality from God to captivate the audiences till last minute in live concert . She is a cool, calm and relaxing personality and always concentrates and takes music as essential need for her soul. Her Punjabi style performance is always praised ….As she established herself as a solo vocalist in Punjabi music industry. She is proved as inspiration to female young talent, as the music companies started to give more opportunities to the new female vocals after her rise in industry and she also inspire to take up Punjabi singing as a profession to female vocalist…


Amrita Virk is born on June 11th 1975. She started singing in very early age and always took part in school singing competition just from 3rd standard. She started her career in 1997 with sweet yet powerful and fresh vocal, When the male singers dominate the industry. Those days music companies were used to prefer male singers and very few chances given to the female singers, but her strong will power and self encouragement took her forward and she recorded her first debut album kalli beh ke ro leni aa (July 1998). With that album she got name and fame worldwide. And she becomes renown singer of her era, she stood firmly in Punjabi music industry and the music companies started thinking about her voice. Since then she never looked backward and recoded number of albums in pop/folk and devotional stream. With her mesmerizing voice she travelled worldwide and won number of awards.


It is noticeable that Amrita Virk has recorded 56 albums 401 songs as a solo female vocalist in Punjabi music industry and she is still active to do some more remarkable work. Generally we can say that she devote her life to the Music. What makes her so capable and popular is that she always sings one’s mind…..